What is the “One Stroke” painting technique?

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    What is the “One Stroke” painting technique?

    One-Stroke Painting is a popular decorative painting technique developed by Artist Donna Dewberry, where double and multi-loading are used to achieve highlights, shadows, and color changes in one stroke.

    I’ve studied this style, and many of my lessons utilize One-Stroke technique, as it’s an enjoyable way to express moments of creativity.

    “One Stroke” is an appealing stress-free technique so easy to learn that the beginner can master it in a short time, yet so charming that seasoned painters enjoy learning to paint in this style.

    Easy to follow worksheets, that are the key to learning these procedures, are supplied to all students, There is a minimal amount of shading, highlighting and/or floating to learn – just “One Stroke” of a multiloaded brush.

    This special technique makes mastering the method a breeze. Students work on many different surfaces – wood, fabric, tin, glass, terra cotta, paper mache and even walls and furniture – just about anything that doesn’t move too fast.

    I know you will enjoy this method of painting which was taught to me by Donna Dewberry when she was still personally teaching classes in Orlando, Florida. I lived in Sarasota, FL at that time and would drive 2 1/2 hours to take her classes. I loved the technique so much that in 1997, I became a One Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI) and have taught hundreds of students since then. Donna still appears regularly on HSN, PBS and HGTV.

    Here’s a video showing One Stroke painting in action: