Meet Evy Grouse

A native New Yorker, Evy Grouse started her pursuit of art while she was living in Sarasota, FL. Her long time passion for drawing and sketching grew into a desire to branch into painting when she was introduced to artist Suzanne Peck in 1996. Evy studied weekly with Peck for three years and during that time she learned to paint using acrylics, oils and watercolor. Since then, she furthered her studies taking workshops with Zoltan Szabo, Janet Walsh, Don Andrews, Tom Jones, Karlyn Holman, Peggi Habets and many other talented teachers from around the country.

In addition to her pursuit of art, Evy also enjoys teaching. In 1997, Evy met artist Donna Dewberry demonstrating her “One Stroke” painting technique. She quickly realized that “One Stroke” painting would be a fantastic way to introduce people who “always wanted to paint but were afraid to try” to the world of art. Soon after that, she began training with Dewberry and became a One Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI). Since then, Evy has introduced hundreds of students to the joy of painting using the “One Stroke” technique. The almost instant results of the “One Stroke” method yields confidence and calms the fear of failure that often deters so many students.

In between giving and taking classes, Evy still enjoys experimenting with various painting techniques. Over the years her subject matter has ranged from portraits of people and animals to still life, landscapes and in the past few years to abstract and mixed media expression

Evy has been a member of the Hilton Head Art League, the Hilton Head Plantation Artist Association (President & Treasurer) and Beaufort Art Guild. She taught One Stroke Painting and silk painting at the Hilton Head Art Academy for 5 years. Evy is currently a member of the Matthews Artist Guild, Mint Hill Fine Arts, Golden Palette and North Carolina Watercolor Society. She is now residing right outside Charlotte NC.

Evy may be reached via e-mail at:

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